Broken Box Fee Ordering Information

Some items may have a minimum box quantity purchase amount, and if quantities are ordered of different amounts, we will charge a "Broken Box Fee". We do this in order to keep our prices far below the competition. For example, a product with a box quantity of 6 would not receive a broken box quantity fee if the amount purchased was any multiple of 6 (6, 12, 18, etc.).

What Is A Broken Box Fee?

All products with a Broken Box Fee display a "Broken Box Fee" clause. In order to best serve our customers, we sell some products in individual quantities even though they are designed to be sold in larger set quantities. We happily fill the order at the quantity of the customer's choice, however anything below the "Broken Box Minimum" will be charged the "Broken Box Fee" at the checkout.

How To Know If A Product Has A Broken Box Fee

Above the purchase box in which options including size, color, lighting, and quantity can be changed by the customer, a clause is displayed to signify a Broken Box Eligible Product (i.e.): Order In Multiples Of [X] To Avoid A Broken Box Fee.tooltip

How To Order The Correct Quantity

Products that contain the Broken Box Fee Clause are sold individually, so customers can order Any Quantity if they so choose.


This product has a Broken Box Fee, as the clause indicates. The product is sold in quantities of 1. In order to avoid the Broken Box Fee that is added at the checkout, the quantity of the order should be changed to 6 for this particular product.

The Broken Box Quantity Minimum may vary based on the product. The clause will indicate the box quantity that is required to avoid the fee at checkout. The Broken Box Fee is included in the final checkout price at shipping and tax configuration. At this point, the customer can decide to purchase the product with the fee, or go back and purchase the quantity minimum without the fee.