Solar Lighting

solar lighted post caps

Solar post caps offer an array of benefits to any home owner. Aside from saving you money on your electricity or gas bill, vinyl solar caps offer pleasing aesthetics, soft light that is easy on the eyes, and wire-free installation. The lighting our solar post caps provide is generally soft and low. Our low-powered solar caps ensure your lights will stay illuminated throughout the night. High-powered lighted post caps take in more power but burn out faster as a result. High-powered lighted caps usually provide a harsher light, and if stared at too long add strain on the eyes.

Another perk of choosing solar lighted post caps: No more wires! The wire-free design virtually eliminates the need for extension cords. No need to worry about tripping on wires, finding a line chewed by a pet, or, worse, being electrocuted. This also cuts down on installation costs, and replacing caps if needed, as no two caps are linked.

Our solar post caps by LMT Mercer Group, Inc. are available in standard deck fixture measurements. The color choices are almost endless - available in 11 colors each, with 11 post skirt colors to boot, you're sure to find a color scheme to fit your backyard.In addition to our popular Cape May and Neptune solar post caps, we carry a wide selection of solar wedge accents in popular colors, including white, almond, beige and khaki. Solar wedge lights are unique in that they are small enough to prop open a door or gate, nudge away in a tree for some fun accent illumination, place on steps in a garden, or even to hold in your hand as a lighted guide while navigating your yard in the dark.

Solar Post Cap Sizes:
Cap Size Actual Post Size
3.625" 4" x 4" Wood Posts
4" 4" x 4"
4.5" 4.5" x 4.5"
5" 5" x 5"
5.625" 5.625" x 5.625"
6" 6" x 6"
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