Standard Vs. Scallop Post Caps

LMT offers a selection of amazing standard lens solar post caps and we also offer a wide range of scallop lens post caps. The photos below illustrate the differences between these two top-notch post caps. Even though the overall shape of each post cap is the same, standard post caps feature a smooth lens that is also shorter than the scallop lens design. The scallop lens post cap's taller lens allows more light to shine through and they also feature a ribbed surface. Choose from colors such as almond, beige, khaki, hammertone black, antique copper and more.

Both types of post caps fit externally on a post, helping to protect the post's interior from water or debris building up and causing corrosion. Standard and scallop lens solar post caps give off a soft light, helping to illuminate a deck, porch, patio area or other outdoor space. Because they run on the power of the sun, they help you keep your electric bill low and with their low power usage, they remain illuminated throughout the night to provide enhanced safety and security.

Standard Vs. Scallop Lens Post Caps

Standard Cape May Solar Post Cap (Hammertone Black)

Scallop Lens Cape May Solar Post Cap (Almond)Scallop Lens Cape May Solar Post Cap (Almond)

Standard Cape May Low Voltage Post Cap (Antique Copper)

Scallop Lens Cape May Low Voltage Post Cap (White)Scallop Lens Cape May Low Voltage Post Cap (White)

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