LMT Ornamental Solar Wedge (Black)

The LMT Ornamental Solar Wedge (Black) is the gold standard for classic post cap design. Will protect your caps and keep them looking gorgeous!
Part Number: 1893-BLACK
$31.67 each
$31.67 each


LMT Ornamental Solar Wedge (Black)

The Ornamental Solar Wedge from LMT, is comprised of high-quality, water-resistant, low maintenance vinyl that will not fade, discolor, or warp. This solar wedge is a simple installation, only needing two screws or double sided table (not included) to be installed. Solar Powered for longevity and convenience.


  • 3 Lumens
  • Total Height: 1.45"
  • Corner Radius: 0.02"
  • Extends 0.50" over the profile
  • Maximum Profile Dimensions: 2.010" Sq.
  • Installation: Remove Battery Tab, Align with Top of the Post, Secure with silicone caulking
  • Name LMT Ornamental Solar Wedge (Black)
    SKU 1893-BLACK
    Price $31.67