Can Solar Post Cap Lights Catch Fire?

solar post cap

When it comes to lighting, it’s essential to know how safe your lighting source is. After all, if you have solar lights outdoors, children or pets could be playing around them. Therefore, depending on your chosen light, it could be more or less of a safety hazard. When choosing solar post cap lights, these are some of the safest lights available for outdoor lighting. The risk of these lights catching on fire is very low. However, follow these tips to increase the chance of your light not catching on fire.

Make Sure You Have A Quality Battery With Your Solar Post Cap

When purchasing a post cap, ensure it comes with a quality battery. Sometimes, if the battery is damaged, it may cause lead to overheat or leak. Then, this could catch on fire when exposed to elements such as dry leaves. To ensure this does not happen, confirm your post cap comes with a quality lithium-ion battery and that the battery is not close to flammable objects.

Don’t Create Faulty Wiring With Your Post Cap

When installing solar post caps, it’s essential to follow the instructions as written. Do not attempt to install them with variations without consulting an electrician. If your solar post cap has broken wires, a damaged battery, or broken internal parts, replace this post cap or find the correct replacement part.

Most Importantly, Purchase A Quality Post Cap

When purchasing a solar post cap, the most crucial step to halt future fire accidents is to purchase a high-quality solar post cap and not a cheap alternative. Cheaper materials are less fire-resistant and can cause your solar post cap to overheat. Even if it may seem more expensive to purchase high-quality solar post caps, it truly makes a difference in the safety of your deck and household.

American-Made Quality Solar Post Caps

LMT solar post caps are American-made and only use virgin vinyl for their solar post caps. Each solar post cap comes with a lithium-ion battery, which is environmentally friendly and has reduced self-discharge. Additionally, these batteries do not cost much money, so once your solar post-cap battery stops working, replacing it with another one is easy.

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