Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Install A Solar Post Cap?

This can differ from where you live and the type of weather you receive but the general practice is to use a bead of silicone or an exterior-grade adhesive to apply to the inside edge of the molding at the bottom of the solar post cap. Once that is applied just stick it on.

2. Are Solar Post Caps Easy To Clean?

Extremely so since all you really need is a rag and a bucket with your preferred cleaner. All you need to do is pop the top off and clean the glass and wipe down the rest of it. This makes sure you have the best possible lighting.

3. My Solar Post Cap Has An Off And On Switch, Does It Need To Be Off To Charge?

Yes, when you first start using it, it is good to charge the solar post cap for 24-48 hours. Then after that you can just leave them on. The only time you have to set it to off is if you have noticed they have not been as bright lately, which then you have to do the 24-48 hour charge period again.

4. What Is This Clear Plastic Film Over The Top Of The Solar Collector?

You can go ahead and remove that. It was just there to protect the solar collector during the shipping procedure.

5. Do These Solar Post Caps Come With The Rechargeable Batteries?

Yes they do.

6. How Often Do I Have To Replace The Rechargeable Batteries?

Our solar post cap batteries tend to last around 2.5-3 years of constant use. If you only turn them on for special occasions, they will last a lot longer than that.

7. If My Rechargeable Batteries Go Bad, Can I Just Put Normal Batteries In There?

No, since solar post caps are designed to work with rechargeable batteries. If you attempt to use normal batteries in the sun, they will destroy your solar collector.

8. What Kind Of Rechargeable Batteries Should I Get?

If the batteries included no longer recharge, you can replace them with any AA rechargeable batteries, which then the life of those depend of the quality you purchased.

9. How Long Do The Bulbs Last In Solar Post Caps?

The bulbs included last about 10 years with the normal usage of 6-8 hours a day.

10. Can I Buy Replacement Bulbs?

No, since the bulbs are part of the whole package of the solar post cap. The bulb works very closely with the solar cell component and are not designed to be replaced.