How To Dim Low-Voltage Post Caps

Low-voltage post caps are a bright addition to your deck, porch, railings, or outside space. These LED-lit post caps will illuminate your space, providing light for you, your family, guests, and pets when it gets dark outside. Low-voltage post caps are environmentally friendly and easy to install, and while they provide light and add style to your property, they can be unpleasant when too bright. If you appreciate the additional lighting but need to tone it down, don’t worry, we have a solution.

Low-Voltage Post Cap Dimmer

Set the mood and select the amount of light you want with a dimmer designed for low-voltage power supplies. This weather-resistant dimmer is easily installed and includes a convenient remote control. It is ready for use with 12-volt, 12-watt transformers, minimizing the wiring process. This dimmer is rated for 12 VDC / 5 Amps maximum, has a 2-10 second delay when lights are turned on or off, and stores the last brightness setting. The remote has a range of 25 yards when the antenna is fully extended and uses a 27A 12-volt battery.

Things to Consider When Installing Dimmer for Low-Voltage Post Caps

When connecting the dimmer, consider the transformer's wattage limit and voltage output and if the transformer is adjustable. You do not want to exceed the wattage or voltage of the dimmer or the LED lights or vice-versa. If you have already installed the low-voltage post caps, installing the dimmer will be easier, but if you are installing everything at once, you will want to avoid the following mistakes.

  • Check that the transformer, lights, and dimmer are all compatible with wattage and voltage.
  • Check that a common ground wire has been installed.
  • Check that the transformer is wired correctly.
  • Test the system after installation.
  • Follow the manufacturer manual carefully.

Installing Dimmer for Low-Voltage Post Caps

  • Connect the dimmer unit input plug to the transformer.
  • Connect the dimmer unit output plug to the photocell.
  • Tighten the plastic nut to ensure weather resistance.
  • Test and adjust as needed.
  • Mount the dimmer.

Once installed, you can use the remote to turn the lights off and on, select the modes, and increase and decrease the brightness.

Low-Voltage Post Cap Dimmer

All low-voltage post caps come with installation instructions, but install the post caps and dimmer accordingly. The low-voltage dimmer will allow you to easily control the post caps’ lights from on and off to brightness levels. If you have any further questions about post cap applications or installation, please visit our Resources Hub. For questions regarding features of or purchasing post caps and accessories, please get in touch with our friendly sales representatives.

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