How To Install Vinyl Solar Post Caps

solar post cap installation

Vinyl solar post caps are an excellent match for a deck or vinyl fence installation. These post caps allow you to use the sun as a power source, giving you a less expensive electricity bill and offering spectacular illumination of your outdoor space. But you may wonder, “How exactly do I install a solar post cap on a vinyl post?” If you’re confused about using screws or adhesive glue, here is a foolproof way to install a vinyl solar post cap.

How Do You Install A Vinyl Solar Post Cap?

To Install A Vinyl Solar Post Cap First:

  • Make sure to pick the correct size of cap for your post or use an adaptor cap.
  • Then, choose screws or adhesive glue to attach the cap to the post.
  • Once your chosen solar post cap is secure, make sure your solar light turns on when it gets dark.

Why Should You Use Adhesive Glue Instead Of Screws?

When installing a vinyl solar post cap, it’s far better to use construction-grade glue, such as vinyl glue adhesive. This glue is for PVC, vinyl fences, decks, and railings. It offers an easy installation method for vinyl solar post caps and prevents screws from cracking a high-quality post cap. Just use a little glue on each corner of the post cap, and you are done.

Should You Test A Solar Light Before Installing It?

Before installing your vinyl solar post cap, ensure your battery functions correctly. The light should turn on when put upside down on a tabletop or in the darkness. If not, the battery may not be charged or needs to be replaced. The light should come ready-to-use when purchased.

How Do You Clean The Vinyl Solar Post Cap?

To Clean A Vinyl Solar Post Cap:

  1. Remove the battery first.
  2. Use a slurry of 1 Tbsp. of baking soda with 1 cup of water.
  3. Use slurry to scrub terminals with a toothbrush.
  4. Wipe the terminals dry with a cloth.

How Do You Protect The Terminal And Prevent Corrosion

One key step before installing a new post cap is rubbing petroleum jelly or electric grease on the battery terminals after removing the battery. This helps prevent corrosion and offers a better connection between the battery and the light.

Vinyl Solar Post Cap Accessories:

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