Low Voltage Galaxy Style Post Caps

Low voltage post caps will be available in the Galaxy design style! Light your outdoor space with beautiful lighted post caps that direct light in every direction. Similar to all low voltage lighted post caps manufactured by LMT, these Galaxy-style low voltage post caps will also feature a simple plug-in connection system for easy installation and will require an LED low voltage power supply.

The new Galaxy-style low voltage post caps feature LED lights, fit externally over 4-inch vinyl fence posts, and will be offered in the three traditional colors of white, black, and almond. The caps have a flat top design and are infused with UV inhibitors to prevent fading or yellowing from the sun. The LED lights will provide the same amount of light as a 40-watt bulb while only drawing .8 watts per bulb. If you desire a unique look for your outdoor lighting and saving money, these low voltage Galaxy-style lighted post caps are a great option.

Low Voltage Galaxy Style Post Cap
Low Voltage Galaxy Style Post Cap

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