RGB Color Options for Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Traditional landscape lighting options are fairly limited. There are two options: warm yellowish lighting or cooler blue lighting. These two options are timeless and classy, the only real difference being your preference. But what about during the holidays? Or maybe you want to show some school spirit? Maybe you want to show support for one of your favorite sports teams. Or maybe you could use color to signal your neighbors or friends while playing outside. What if you could do any of that from the touch of your phone through your landscape lighting?

RGB Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting does not just have to be used to light pathways or add visual appeal to your property. While lighting generally deters unauthorized people from entering your property, it can be used in many other cases. LMT is developing new colored light technology for their new line of landscape, hardscape, and pathway lighting. It will follow with color-changing technology for your low voltage and solar post caps. The lights of your landscape lighting can be changed between red, green, and blue from your physical power source or via Bluetooth, which will be integrated into the power source. This means no matter where you are, you can change the color of your landscape lights, your pathways lights, or underside hardscape lights.

Color Changing Landscape Light Red
Color Changing Landscape Light Green
Color Changing Landscape Light Blue

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