Solar LED Lighted Post Caps Made In The USA

Illuminate your backyard oasis with exceptional solar LED post caps made right here in the United States. Since 1987, LMT Mercer Group has provided industry-leading vinyl products to all its customers and distributors.

While other companies cut costs by outsourcing their manufacturing to other countries or mixing their vinyl with recycled, inferior fillers, LMT consistently provides a top-tier product. That is why LMT only uses certifiable virgin resign when making their many post skirts, solar, low voltage, and standard post caps. It is also why all their manufacturing is done within the USA in their multiple manufacturing plants located in New Jersey and Ohio.

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Why Purchase Solar Post Caps Made By LMT?

Since LMT is the industry leader, they test products consistently and are always looking for innovation in vinyl products. They offer professional-grade products you would not likely find in an average big box store. Plus, with UV inhibitors to stop vinyl from deteriorating under the sun's harmful rays, your solar post caps will last many years. You can choose from various colors and styles to find the correct product for your deck, porch, or vinyl fence.

How Is LMT An Innovator?

LMT innovates by creating an assortment of molds in-house. This means the options are limitless when creating a unique solar post cap. As a bonus, since LMT can change and improve products they create easily, upgrades to existing products do not take years and years. You'll receive the top-of-the-line solar post caps now.

Solar Post Caps Direct stands by the craftsmanship and care put into each vinyl piece as a proud distributor of LMT products. The results are outstanding products that elevate outdoor spaces for years to come.

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