Unique Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Connections

Looking to enhance and maximize your outdoor space? Three new and innovative ways to connect every element of your outdoor lighting are in development. From lighted post caps to bistro string lights, your landscape lighting, and a charging port. With the new three-way cable connection, you can connect all your lighted post caps to the power source more easily and avoid tangles wires by eliminating many cords running through your vinyl railing system. With the new harness, you can easily extend the power supply to your bistro lights and connect all your landscape lights. Extend the connection cables by 4, 8, 12, or 25 feet!

New Low Voltage Outdoor Space Wiring

Female to Male 3-Way Cable

This 3-way connector extends your landscape lighting configuration. With this single cable, you can bridge the gap between the transformer and the cables that deliver power to each lighted accessory. This cable connects to the transformer and has three female sprockets to connect the male end of three additional cables.

Female to Male 3-Way Cable

Harnesses for Bistro String Lights & Landscape Lights

Harnesses are an essential element to wiring your lighted post caps, but often, the user must purchase multiple harness wires to connect each post cap to the power it needs to illuminate. A new 16-gauge wire harness extension cable for both bistro string lights and landscape lights is being developed. This cable will be available in 12 or 25 feet for bistro string lights and 4, 8, and 12 feet for landscape lighting.

16 Gauge Wire Harness for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor USB Port Outlets

Adding lights to extend your hours outside is a great start, but what if you could set the mood and bring your outdoor space to life? Spend more of your time utilizing your beautiful deck, porch, patio, and yard by adding USB port outlets to your railing systems.

LMT is developing a USB port outlet that can easily be integrated into your vinyl railing system. This waterproof USB connection is placed with the railing post and powered by the same power source as your lighted post caps and accessories. The plug-in design allows for quick installation, eliminating the need for cutting, stripping, and splicing wires. It has been designed with an outlet cover for outdoor use, protecting the outlet from rain, snow, and debris when not in use. Use this port to charge smartphones, speakers, and other USB cord devices, and stop running back inside. Enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about missing texts or the fun in front of you!

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