What Are The Different Styles Of Lighted Post Caps?

Within the solar and LED lighted post cap industry there are four common styles that someone can choose from. Though it can be easy to confuse them, each of the styles has its own unique features that make them different from one another.

Why Should You Know the Difference?

If purchasing solar or LED post caps for the first time, the name of the style might not be the most important part to you. At this stage, customers often just select the caps that fit their outdoor aesthetic and whether they are looking for solar or LED lights.

However, it is important to know the style of your lighted post cap so that in the future if you need to replace a cap you can select the correct style that matches. Below we have listed out the four styles of lighted post caps as well as provided photos so you can confidently know the difference between all of them.


This style is probably the easiest to distinguish out of the other three styles. Unlike the others, the downward style post cap shows through the bottom of the cap and not the middle. This type of post cap provides a unique look to your outdoor space at night as it highlights the post of your fence or deck.


The scalloped style post cap features a stylish ribbed lens where the light shines through. Another way to tell this style apart from the others is this unique lens is often larger than the other styles. This allows the scalloped post caps to provide more light to the area they are placed.


Standard post caps look very similar to the scalloped style; however, their lens is smooth and much thinner. This style of post cap does an excellent job at illuminating your outdoor space while also elevating the appearance of your fence, deck, or patio area.


The best way to tell halo apart from the other styles of post caps is to look for its thin acrylic window for the light to sign through. This special design gives the halo post caps a distinguished look that makes them a crowd favorite.