What's The Difference Between Solar Post Caps and Solar Accessory Post Caps?

Although solar and solar accessory post caps look almost the same, drastic differences may alter your purchase choice. First, solar post caps are their own power source. Hence why, when these are installed on your vinyl fence or deck, they do not need an accessory connection. These are great if you’re choosing lighted post caps for the first time.

However, a non-lighted vinyl post cap with an accessory connection is an excellent choice if you already have a lighting system and choose to convert to solar power.

To receive a full explanation of these vinyl post caps, keep reading below.

What Is A Solar Post Cap?

A solar post cap is a standalone one created to be used without wires or complicated connection pieces. Usually, an integrated, solar-powered LED bulb is placed inside the post cap, and in some models, an included charged battery gives power to the system.

This is the post cap most people think about when referring to a solar post cap. These post caps come in various styles and help reduce your energy bill.

What Is A Non-Lighted Vinyl Post Cap With Accessory Connection?

While these solar post caps with accessory connections may resemble average solar post caps, they work differently. These post caps have a solar panel but do not have an illuminating LED. Instead, these post caps with accessory connections allow you to power other lighting accessories with the vinyl post cap.

Think of these post caps as a power center for additional accessories or post caps. Remember that these post caps will only work with connectors of the same type. So an S-type connector will not work with an LV connector.

Main Differences Between A Solar Post Cap And Non-Lighted Post Cap With Accessory Connection

Solar Post Caps Non-Lighted Vinyl Post Cap With Accessory Connection
Come With An Integrated LED Only Has A Solar Panel
Illuminates Without Any Additional Wires Is A Power Source To Be Used With Other Accessories And Post Caps
Connector Type: N/A Connector Type: Type S (Will Not Work With Type LV)
Slightly Cost More Than A Vinyl Post Cap With Accessory Connection And Start At Around $30 Usually Start At $20 And Price Increases Based On Size

Are you still unsure about the differences between these post caps? Please reach out to our helpful sales representatives.

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