Where to Install Solar Post Lights?

Solar Post Caps on Deck Railing

Solar post caps are a great way to bring light to any outdoor space, but deciding on the perfect location can be tricky. Determining where to place your lights depends on the areas you need to be lit and the features you want to accent. With the right inspiration, you can transform your exterior space into an eye-catching outdoor retreat that is both functional and decorative.

Along a Path or Walkway

Lighting a walkway is a sure way to bring life to the outdoors while creating a safe way to navigate the dark. Illuminating a pathway allows you to see where you’re stepping while providing an elegant appearance. A more natural look can be created by staggering the distance between each post light.

Around a Patio or Porch

Enjoy your outdoor living spaces throughout the evening by surrounding your porch or patio with solar post lights. Whether you’re entertaining or stepping out for some nighttime air, lighting up a patio is a sure way to utilize your outdoor space longer.

Near Landscape Features

Placing these lights near your favorite landscape features will allow them to be seen even when the sun goes down. You can beautifully illuminate trees, hedges, flower beds, and tropical plants to create your own personal nature park.

Around a Water Feature

Surround a pond or fountain with solar post lights to create a sensational nighttime oasis. The light reflecting off your water feature will provide a dazzling visual at night. Extension cords and wires are not needed for solar post caps, which allows for versatile placement around water.

Near a Yard Ornament

You can highlight your yard ornament by placing lights near or around it. Using these lights can allow you to elegantly accent a statue, bird bath, sculpture, or any other outdoor feature.

Solar Post Caps