Why Are My Solar Lights Flashing?

Solar Lights On Stairs

While solar lights usually do not offer any significant malfunctioning issues, after many years of use, you may notice the lights not working as well as they used to. If you ever experience issues with constant lighting from solar lights, this could be from a variety of problems from loose wiring or a solar battery no longer charging. However, if you're experiencing your lights flashing, there are ways you can fix it.

Try Blocking The Solar Cell (Solar Panel)

If your solar light is not functioning correctly, sometimes, checking to see if the solar cell is overly sensitive could help. To do this, block the solar panel or place where the solar light gets its energy from the sun. If the light turns on when doing this, your solar light could be blocked from illuminating due to too much brightness at night. Even if you think your light receives enough darkness to turn on, a nearby light source could diminish the ability of the photoreceptor to understand that it is dark enough to turn on. Scope the area around your solar light to see if this is the issue.

Check Your Solar Post Cap Batteries

Most lithium batteries inside solar lights have a maximum life of two years. If it has been past that date, it could mean the battery is not receiving the solar charge or storing it incorrectly. Since these batteries are not expensive, an easy solution is to replace them and see if this fixes your solar light.

Check For Damage To Your Solar Light

If a reputable manufacturer makes your solar light, such as LMT, you won't need to worry about outdoor damage for the most part. However, if your solar post cap has been ruined by an object hitting it or any other accident, it may have created a crack, and water could seep into the electrical components. If water damage does occur, you may need to purchase an entirely new solar post cap.

Make Sure To Always To Clean Your Solar Post Caps

If you have not cleaned your solar post cap in a long time, dust and dirt could prevent the solar cell from receiving light. An easy solution for cleaning your terminal on your solar post cap is mixing one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water. Remember that routinely cleaning your solar panels every few months will ensure your solar panel is working its best.

If your solar post cap is still not working, it may be time to purchase a new one. View all our selection of American-made solar post caps below:

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