Why Are My Solar Lights Not Working?

solar post caps on deck

When something stops working it can be extremely frustrating trying to figure out why and how to fix the problem. Your solar post caps not working as they should is no different. There can be a handful of reasons why your solar lights are no longer activating at night as they should. Luckily, we have broken down some of those reasons and provided some helpful information on how to resolve some of these issues.

Not Receiving Enough Sunlight

This might seem like an obvious suspect, but many people forget that in order for your solar post caps to function properly they need to receive a large amount of direct sunlight throughout the day. Without enough sunlight, the post cap cannot effectively charge its battery and will not be able to work as it should.

To fix this problem, try moving your post caps to areas that are not by large trees or buildings that could shade them during the day and prevent them from receiving the proper amount of light.

Solar Panel Is Covered In Dirt

The solar panel is the charging ability of your solar post cap. When covered with debris or dirt it does not have the chance to fully soak in as much sunlight as it should in order to charge the unit's battery. This is a similar issue to the post cap not receiving enough direct sunlight as mentioned above.

If your solar panel is dirty, it is an easy issue to resolve. Simply wipe the panel off using water or even a non-abrasive cleaner meant for windows or glass surfaces with a microfiber cloth. To ensure this does not happen again, periodically check your solar panels to make sure they are not accumulating dirt and debris.

Too Close To Other Lights

Solar lights work by having a sensor that detects whether or not there is light. When the sensor is signaled that there is little to no light, it triggers the internal battery to activate causing the light to turn on. When exposed to other outdoor lights the sensor becomes confused and stays off, thinking that it is still sunny outside.

To prevent this from occurring, make sure to strategically place other outdoor lights away from your solar post caps and to turn off manual outdoor lighting that is close to the caps.

Bad Battery

If all other options have been explored and your solar post caps are still not performing as they should, it is possible the battery has stopped working. Though solar post caps are manufactured with high-quality batteries over long periods of time or improperly exposed to the elements the batteries can deteriorate and die.

To check if the issue is related to your solar post caps battery, open the unit up and inspect the battery. If your battery looks to be eroded or if there are signs that it is leaking, it is time to replace the battery.

We hope this has been helpful in resolving your solar post cap issues. If still having problems or would like more information on our solar post caps please contact one of our helpful sales representatives.

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