Why Install Stair Lights

For those who love to entertain outside, there is an easy way to keep your outdoor space inviting and enjoyable even after the sun goes down. Outdoor lights whether it be solar or low-voltage post caps, under railing lighting, or stair lights, elevate the outdoor area to be a bright and welcoming place where people can sit and mingle.

While outdoor lighting does a great job at illuminating the space so people can enjoy staying outside even late into the night, it also can serve as a safety measure. Stair lights in particular help to prevent people from tripping or falling down flights of stairs while outside at night. For those who are not familiar with your outdoor area, it can be easy to misstep or trip and fall while walking on a deck or porch at night. Even those who are familiar with your outdoor space might have trouble maneuvering stairs at night, as the dark makes it difficult to determine the depth of an object like a stair.

To keep your friends, family, and guests safe and free from injury while entertaining outside at night it is a smart idea to install stair lights as well as other outdoor lighting.

How To Install Stair Lights

Each style of stair light is unique and depending on which style you choose to install might have specific instructions on how it should be set up. That is why it is always important to review and follow the product's manual. The manual will give you step-by-step details on how to properly install your outdoor light. Proper installation of lighting not only ensures your space looks beautiful and bright but also helps to prevent the light from malfunctioning or possibly causing injury or damage to someone or your property.

Here is a video demonstration of how to install our Flush Deck Light with no trim:

Keep your outdoor entertainment space safe and inviting no matter what time of day by installing some stair lights on your deck or porch.

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