Why Are My Lighted Vinyl Post Cap Lights Blinking?

Solar post caps and low-voltage wired post caps may blink occasionally. As with any light, blinking indicates an issue that must be inspected and resolved for the light to continue working properly, aka without blinking. The solution varies by the type of post cap you have. The answer may be more straightforward than you think.

Solar Post Cap Troubleshooting

For the traditional solar post caps, troubleshooting is much simpler. These operate on batteries. The batteries are charged by sunlight, so insufficient charge of the batteries may be the issue, and they will need to be recharged or replaced. Using a multimeter to check the DC voltage, you can verify if the battery is charged, which should read 3.2V. If it reads below 3.2V, it will need to charge in sunlight.

If the battery is not charging or it is set but will not power the post cap, turn the light upside down and remove the battery. Test the resistance of the battery. It should read approximately 8 or higher. If it is lower, the solar module may be faulty, in which case, please reach out for replacement and guidance.

It may also be the case that there is corrosion in the terminals, which can be cleaned with baking soda and water. Lightly brush the corrosion off. *To prevent corrosion, dab a bit of petroleum jelly or di-electric grease on the terminals.

Solar Post Cap

Low-Voltage Wired Post Cap Troubleshooting

With low-voltage wired post caps blinking, it may mean there is a shortage or disconnect. First things first, disconnect the electrical transformer. The transformer may not be receiving enough power. Try inserting the transformer plug into a different outlet on a different breaker.

The issue may be with the cable connector (CC-2). Try checking the cable-transformer connection, removing the cable, and cleaning it.

Low-Voltage Wired Post Cap

Please review the following installation manuals for your solar post cap or low-voltage wired post cap.

Solar Post Caps

Solar Post Cap Manual

Low-Voltage Wired Post Caps

Harness Setup Manual

LED Post Cap Manual

If you still have issues with either type of post cap, please reach out for a replacement cable connector, solar post cap, or low-voltage post cap.

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