Will Lighted Vinyl Post Caps Fade Over Time?

Vinyl Lighted Post Caps

If you are searching for a fencing or railing system that will illuminate your property for years, a vinyl fence or railing system with solar or low-voltage post caps is for you. Vinyl is made of ethylene injected with UV inhibitors, and the post cap lights are LED. Thus, your lighted post caps, solar or low voltage wired, will not fade in color or brightness.

Will My Post Caps Fade Over Time?

The vinyl material your post caps are made of will not fade. Because vinyl fencing or railing systems are designed for outdoor spaces, it is treated with UV inhibitors that will protect it from sun damage. This is one huge advantage vinyl fencing has over other types of fencing materials; it requires little maintenance and lasts a long time.

Will My Lighted Post Caps Light Fade Over Time?

The color of your solar post caps tends to be warm or cool white, which will have a blue or orange hue, respectively. Solar and low voltage post caps both utilize LED lights; LED brightness does not degrade at a noticeable rate and thus does not fade significantly over time. However, depending on usage, these lights can last anywhere from two to eight years. Even still, batteries can be replaced before the lights.

If you would like to dim your post caps' lights or are concerned that the light emission will affect wildlife, you might consider a style of post cap that directs light downward or a low voltage dimmer. Low voltage dimmers are designed for low voltage post caps only.

Low Voltage Vinyl Post Cap Dimmer

If you have further questions about solar post caps or low voltage post caps, please explore our Resources Hub for informational articles or reach out to our friendly sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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