How To Wire Low Voltage LED Post Caps

Setting up your low-voltage LED post caps can look like a real challenge, but we’re here to help make it a simple process. All of the wires are plug and play and it’s very easy to hook them together and to unhook them.

Please note that we are only using two post caps for this demonstration, but the process is the same whether you have 1 cap or 100.

Click here for the following instructions in PDF form:

Harness Setup Manual


LED Post Caps Power Supply Output Splitters Harnesses
LMT offers a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Count up your posts to see how many post caps you will need.

Popular styles include:

Cape May



Choose a power supply based on the number of post caps your fence will need.

LMT 1589 - This 12-watt power supply powers up to 16 LED post caps

LMT 1780 - This 50-watt power supply powers up to 65 LED post caps

While most people will use 2 output splitters, the configuration of your posts can help you determine if 5 output splitters are right for you.

LMT 1630 - This splitter has 2 outputs

LMT 1631 - This splitter has 5 outputs.

There are a variety of different harness sizes to choose from.

LMT 1626 - 2 ft.

LMT 1627 - 5 ft.

LMT 1628 - 7 ft.

LMT 1629 - 9 ft.

LED Post Cap
Power Supply
Output Splitter


We highly suggest for every LED post cap you purchase you also purchase 2 Harnesses and 1 Splitter. The size of the area and how far apart the posts are will determine the cable lengths you need.

End Result:

This is what the end result of your wiring will look like. Most of the red wiring harnesses will be hidden inside the fence posts. This is represented by the gray box over the top of the wires.

Wiring LED Post Caps

Step 1:

Take out all of the parts included with the power supply. Connect the power supply to the photo eye, the photo eye to the wire lead, and the wire lead to the tee connector.

LED Wiring Step 1

If you are only installing 1 post cap and the included wire lead is long enough, attach your post cap directly to the tee connector. In most cases, you will skip this.

Tee Connector to Post Cap

Step 2:

If you are installing more than 1 post cap, connect a wiring harness to the tee connector (included with your power supply), and an output splitter to the harness. Connect your 1st post cap to the output splitter.

LED Wiring Step 2

Step 3:

Connect another wiring harness to the output splitter. Connect your next post cap to the harness.

LED Wiring Step 3

Step 4:

Keep connecting your post caps using the same steps. Remember to insert each wire into the fence posts as you go along. The result will give you a beautiful, lighted, and wire-free (to the eye) fence, deck or patio.

LED Post Caps

Instruction slip that comes with all LED post caps:
Page 1
Page 2

Additional Splitter Information:

Harness/Splitter Info