Vinyl Fence Glue

vinyl fence adhesive

Vinyl fence glue also known as vinyl adhesive or vinyl cement is an efficient way of securing vinyl fence parts directly to your fence posts and railings. When properly measured, vinyl fence accessories like post caps and skirts fit snuggly onto the post or rail you are attaching them. However, for extra security many people like the addition of vinyl glue to ensure the pieces will stay on during storms or strong winds.

This glue is specially made to work with vinyl fences and should not be used as a universal glue for other fencing or outdoor projects. The dense formula of the glue is designed to prevent running or dripping when applied to the vinyl fence or vinyl parts. This thick formula allows for a clean application so you will not have to wipe off excess or worry about dried globs of glue showing at the bottom.

Common uses for vinyl glue include attaching post caps, railing, spindles, post skirts, or brackets. For those who want extra insurance that your traditional and solar post caps and other vinyl fence accessories will stay, vinyl glue is great and easily secure them directly to your posts.

At Solar Post Caps, we offer vinyl glue in different size tubes that range from 1.5 oz to 8 oz for white vinyl fences. However, is your vinyl fence, not the traditional white? Do not worry. Contact one of our helpful sales associates would be happy to help you place a custom order for the color you are in need of.